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Welcome to the new supporting website for Sustainable Business Systems. We empower leaders who want to ensure a sustainable future for their organization, but need answers to daunting leadership questions raised by integrating practices of environmental stewardship and community support with the core profitability strategies of their business. Our programs help you build solid sustainability leadership practices to drive growth of your triple bottom line.

Sustainable Business Systems, fondly refered to as SBS as a shorthand, was established to help business leaders like you build foundations for sustainable growth - one choice at a time. Please use the resources offered throughout this website to help you in doing that. The richness of this content will be expanded over the next few weeks, so please revisit often.

And just so you know, in providing all our resources, we have taken a sustainable approach to our development and delivery. Please see our Sustainability Impact page for more information on our sustainable approach to helping you.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you with this website by clicking the contact button above. Thank you.

Dedicated to your success,

Lynn VanLeeuwen, Founding Partner


The Green CEO: Leadership that Drives Profit and Sustainability

      Now Available     

This book, by Lynn VanLeeuwen,   reveals how to deal with both  natural and business challenges—and opportunities—in ways that bring lasting value. It introduces a system for sustainability leadership that guides you through setting up the foundation to executing the leadership strategies that sustain small- to medium-sized corporations on many levels.

Using The Green CEO as a guide, leaders will:

  • Differentiate different types and levels of sustainability to set a strategy for their company
  • Incorporate key leadership practices for building a sustainable business with focus and accountability
  • Establish a culture that supports change, promotes flexibility and motivates employees to achieve the organization’s profit and stewardship objectives
  • Build operational momentum and translate performance into effective communication that builds loyal relationships

As a result, leaders have an ongoing way to conscientiously prosper in this fluid world. Their expertise provides the makings for sustainable success; VanLeeuwen supplies the framework.

Available now  through Amazon and other major outlets. To learn more or order your copy, go to The Green CEO.

The Systainership™ Program is Launched

The Systainership™ Program provides three venues for leaders to collaborate on defining, tracking, and achieving the critical success factors that drive the sustainable development of their business. This program has just been launched. We have a special offer for the first twelve CEO's or chief officers that participate. To learn about the complete program, how it can help your business, and how you can take advantage of our introductory offer go to the Systainership™ Program. In addition , we are offering the first twelve paricipants accepted into the program a free autographed copy of The Green CEO: Leadership that Drives Profit and Sustainability.  So don't delay, go here to learn more.

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